Detection of non-anthropogenic air pollution

DNAAP methodology was presented on EAC 2019

Gothenburg, August 2019.

European Aerosol Conference (AEC) was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 25 to 30 August 2019. The methodology for detecting atmospheric mineral dust based on measuring optical absorption was presented on AEC 2019 by Luka Drinovec from Josef Stefan Institute (IJS). Two aethalometers are required for efficiently detection of mineral dust concentration with two different size selecting inlets – one with PM1 inlet and the other one with virtual impactor inlet.

The mineral dust is usually presented in coarse mode therefore the virtual impactor inlet is used to concentrate the course mode of the particulate matter. This offers us to further study optical properties of mineral dust into details. The methodology was tested on data from background station Agia Marina Xyliatou on Cyprus in April and May 2016 when several intense mineral dust events were observed.

The methodology can be run on-line with time resolution up to few minutes. To our knowledge, this is the first method for detecting the concentrations of the ambient mineral dust that can be run in real time.

Presentation of Luka Drinovec on EAC 2019 konference in Gothenburg

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